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HMT series

HMT 232N 2Reliability on the workbench

For standard tasks - ingeniously simple
The HMT autoclaves are easy to operate, yet they offer a high level of performance, reliability, and safety. For ease of use in laboratories. The chambers are made  from polished, high-grade stainless steel. Depending on the device type, the microprocess control provides fully automated and monitored program execution. Various sterilization temperatures and sterilization times are available or can be entered. The devices meet the requirements of EN 13060.


Three types - 3 sizes

HMT 260 MB (B-series)
With vacuum, drying function, liquid program and printer
HMT 230/260/300 MA
With vacuum and drying function and liquid program
HMT 230/260 FA
8 installed programs for any of the standard cycles
HMT 232 N
4 selectable sterilization times


HMT series miniature sterilizers
HMT series miniature sterilizers Series to match the application
The sterilizers are divided into 3 groups, the series "N", "S" and "B".
Which sterilizer is best suited to your application  should be determined during a consulting meeting.

A B-series sterilizer is suitable for the safe sterilization of all instruments in a clinic, insofar as they are thermally resistent and suitable for sterilization. B-series sterilizers operate with a fractionated pre-vacuum. Repeated removal of air from the sterilization chamber before the actual sterilization process allows the steam to unfold a sterilizing effect through packages and in hollow parts. (hollow parts, packaged items to be sterilized, fabrics).

An S-series sterilizer is only suitable for the sterilizing of instruments which are appropriate on account of their simple nature.

An N-series sterilizer may only be used to sterilize unpackaged instruments which are classed as uncritical or semicritical A.


Fairs / Exhibitions in spring 2019

We warmly invite you to visit us at the following fairs and find out at first hand about the quality of our autoclaves.

  • 21st-23rd of May, Labvolution in Hannover
  • 13th of June, Lab-Supply in Berlin
  • 28th of August, Lab-Supply in Dresden
  • 4th of September, Labsolutions in Hamburg
  • Further exhibitions

Exhibits and Used equipment

We are selling our exhibits used and exhibition equipment, as new or with small signs of wear.
Technically our used and exhibition equipment is in perfect condition.

Current models:

  • There are no units available at the moment

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