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HMC Steam sterilizers HV Series

The tireless for standard tasks - ingeniously simple and robust


The simpler the design, the safer the lock! The lock can be opened and closed with one finger. Radially locking bolts are moved without applying any force.The passive chamber seal operates with virtually no wear.

Four Sizeshv08

HV 25

Chamber volume of 28 L
Effective useful volume of 25 L

HV 50

Chamber volume of 54.2 L
Effective useful volume of 50 L

HV 85

Chamber volume of 98.8 L
Effective useful volume of 85 L

HV 110

Chamber volume of 123.7 L
Effective useful volume of 110 L


The lid gasket is not subjected to any mechanical friction and can easily be replaced if required. The weight of the lid is completely balanced by a torsion spring. Effortless opening and closing. Any condensate which drips off the lid is  collected and fed into the spent-steam condenser. The device and floor are kept dry.


hv05Programs at the push of a button
The most important programs are pre-installed and can be opened at the push of a button:

  • Sterilization of solids: With fast release of steam
  • Sterilization of liquids: With variable natural cooling
  • Sterilization of liquids: With rapid cooling for thermolabile materials
  • Sterilization of liquids: With subsequent reheat cycle
  • AGAR program: Prepares AGAR and keeps it ready for processing (thermostatic heating)
  • Night program: Timer-controlled, load in the evening - sterile and ready for removal in the morning down to the minute, even over the weekend!
  • Waste sterilization: Mixed load with a low liquid content
  • Automatic standby operation to save energy


hv04Dual sensor system
Precise temperature control with additional pressure monitoring. This allows for controlled excess pressure during the heating phase, which reduces the batch time Bright display with program and progress indicators.

Thermolock with sterilization time control

The German ordinance on pressure vessels TRB 402 and DIN EN 61010-2 prescribe a thermolock for the sterilization of liquids. This thermolock prevents injuries do the operating personnel due to  boiling delay. This hazard should be controlled directly in the substance at risk for boiling delay. The lid can only be opened once the media temperature has also dropped below the reference value  after pressure equalization. All parameters can be set individually before starting the program, and cannot be modified after program start for safety reasons. Reliable sterilization is ensured in this  manner.


  • Electrical, with maximum efficiency, directly in the feed water
  • 3-level protection against overheating


Exhaust air filter
Safety for individuals and the environment. Option for safe, emission-free sterilization of highly infectious germs and genetically modified materials. During the venting phase, the steam displaces unsterilized residual air from the chamber and passes it through a filter system. The surrounding air is protected against contamination as the cycle is running. Naturally, in-line sterilization of the  exhaust air filter is performed. Due to the design, condensate sterilization is a matter of course. Any condensate which precipitates flows back into the chamber and gets sterilized. Discharge can  be done safely.



HV Technical Data


HV 25

HV 50

HV 85

HV 110

Chamber volume Litres 28 54,2 98,8 123,7
Useful volume Litres 25 50 85 110
Chamber dimensions Ø x H mm 240 x 550 300 x 710 420 x 615 420 x 795
Exterior dimensions W x D x H mm 480 x 460 x 950 540 x 530 x 1040 660 x 650 x 1000 660 x 650 x 1180
Required space W x D x H mm 495 x 750 x 1250 560 x 810 x 1400 680 x 930 x 1450 680 x 930 x 1650
Selectable operating temperature °C 105° - 126° 105° - 135° 105° - 128° 105° - 123°
Allowable operating temperature   130° 139° 133° 127°
Maximum operating pressure bar 1,4 2,2 1,6 1,2
Electrical power kW 1,5 2,0 3,0 4.0*
Weight kg 41 57 71 81
Warming temperature °C 45° - 60°
Special cycle °C 60 - 100 °C for preparing culture media
Automatic start   1 minute to 7 days
Sterilization time t 1 to 250 minutes
Lock   Quick lock with one-lever operation
Power supply V AC 220 V/240 V
Safety systems   Electro-mechanical safety lock, safety valve, low-water interrupt,
overpressure protection switch, overheating protection switch,
circuit breaker, fault indicator (visual and audible)
Vessel material   SUS304 (high-grade stainless steel)
Documentation   Integrated printer/USB (optional)
Item Number   20000 20001 20002 20003

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  • 4. September, Labsolutions in Hamburg
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